Saturday, July 01, 2006

Devil wears...a Bugs Life

Last night I was able to get away with some great girlfriends for dinner and a movie. Thanks Lynley for getting the tickets early so we could get in to the sold out movie. It was so nice to escape the craziness currently unfolding at my house with another infection by sister (a blog by itself probably coming on Monday when we know more). It was good to eat out at a girly spot and then see a girly movie. A really good movie. When I returned home, my incredible husband had bathed both kids and put one to sleep. The 2 big kids (Stacey and Parker) had climbed into our bed and had used the projector (the same one for the Mavericks game) to shoot A Bug's Life on the wall in the bedroom. SO much fun. While I was gone, Daddy took both kids to Donalds for dinner, then to Target for Emaline's prescription, and to Blockbuster to get the movie (he didn't know that we own the movie). They even bought me an outfit, not at Blockbuster, but at Target! Thanks family. You made a great night even better. This morning as Parker woke up he ran into the bedroom to watch his BUG TV he called it. So, Stacey has already go it going. I am headed to get some more Pancake mix. Enjoy your weekend.


margk said...

I am sorry to hear Emaline has another infection started. We will continue to pray for answers.

Wish I could have made it out last night with you girls, but just too exhausted! My parents even offered to babysit.

You do have a great husband!

Beck Boys said...

What a blessing our husbands are. Godly men who take care of us and our children. Sorry to hear about Emaline, we will keep praying.

STP, an IronMan said...

I am not sure who had more fun, Parker or Daddy! I think we both benefited in more ways than one. I was just honored that you wore the shirt I bought you to church Sunday. That made me proud!

Phillips' Family said...

Girls night was so much fun! We must do it again soon!

Tell Stacey he can pick up some new clothes for all of us girls the next time he takes the kids shopping at Target. That was so sweet that he thought of you!