Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thirteen Things about the past week

1. Emaline's surgery went well. We got answers about the blood we have seen in her diapers. Looks like her very first infection irritated her bladder so bad that it hasn't recovered. We have pictures to prove it. It is still causing problems, now 3 months after the infection.
2. I don't have to worry about the Mavs season any longer and am excited about next season.
3. With Emaline's surgery out of the way, Mav's finished, and my mind at ease I can now focus on VBS.
4. I am not looking forward to baseball season (don't tell my husband, but I think he already knows this about me).
5. I have the best friends in the world. Thanks guys for all your prayers, dinner, calls, and emails about Emaline.
6. Parker now says the word "SHOOT!" I think he gets it from that Citibank commercial with the 2 old ladies on the couch talking about their motorcycles. Stacey and I love it and stop to watch if it comes on. I think he caught on. He says it like this," OH MY SHOOT!"
7. I could never work at Cook's Children Hospital. That is where Emaline's surgery was. A great facility, but it makes me SO very thankful for healthy children.
8. We had a fun father's day with Stacey. He wanted to eat CHEESEABURGERs for lunch, so we did. WE love you daddy!
9. Lots of birthdays falling around us. One of our friends turned 30 and another 1! Happy birthday MM and JP.
10. My husband has figured out how to project our tv onto our wall in the living room to have the biggest viewing screen on the block. I am sure we will sell tickets for upcoming football games. Stay tuned. (Notice I didn't say baseball)
11. Emaline likes to laugh out loud. This is making me smile as I write, because I took a break typing to get in the floor with her and play. We even called LaLa and Daddy to hear her sweet music.
12. Thank you for 'knocks' on the door. My sweet friend and reader JH just brought by cute little strawberry pies. YUM! I am so glad we live close to our friends.
13. I am excited about our Women's ministry at church. I believe our new name is :Iron Skillets. I missed that part of the meeting to know the meaning behind it. I know our men's ministry is called Iron Men, so we are the Iron Skillets. I love it.

Here are some pictures for surgery day. I thought she looked cute in her gown.

Well, blogger must be a Miami Heat fan because it won't let me post my pictures. I will try again later.


Beck Boys said...

Good post. It is amazing how many emotions you can have in one week. Thank you God for our church families and friends. Thanks for the updates.

Conway Life said...

I'm so glad you got answers about Emaline! I know that puts your mind at ease. Glad to see you the other day...

Amy C said...

I am so happy to hear about Emalines great report.

I had not heard we are the Iron Skillets. I think we could have chosen something like the Takeout girls if I had been present. Oh well you snooze you loose. The Iron Skillets it is!

Better than The Ironing Boreds. . .Ha!

Phillips' Family said...

My little brother often projects my parents TV onto their living room wall for a full-sized screen. It can be quite entertaining. However, it often stops traffic on the street behind my parents house because people can see the television through their wall of french doors.

I share your sentiments on baseball season....

Joel Quile said...

I believe "Iron Skillets" was chosen after the elders voted down, "Iron Fists" - their original choice.

But don't tell anyone...