Saturday, June 03, 2006


Today was the GOP Golf Tournament. GOP stands for Greggory Owen Pearson. After the golf, there was a picnic all the way in Rowlett. Well, tip off came and went. My husband wouldn't even let me listen to the game on the way home. He had to wait and watch it on our DVR, thanks to me I recorded it for him, and the time slot after in case it went over. I don't care to 'catch up.' I will see the good stuff on the highlights on ESPN, I just want to know the score. As we drove up in the drive way, husband asked me to run in and turn down the volume so he wouldn't hear the score. I pouted the entire way I was running to the tv. Yep, I saw the last 44 seconds. That is all I needed to see. I celebrated quietly as Stacey and Parker got the nightly routine done. Then I acted somewhat solemn to fake Stacey out. He is right now watching the game. I have heard some groaning, some 'come on's ' coming from the living room as I type. I hate that he has to suffer through the entire game to know that WE ARE GOING TO THE FINALS BABY! Pour Stacey. He is probably in the 2nd quarter... I will close my eyes now, ready to sleep, dreaming of the trophy! MFFL!


Blessed Assurances said...

I knew you would have a post about the Mavs. Coming home from having watched the game at my MIL's house-I thought, "I wonder if Paige knows we are going to the finals!" Stand up now, dance your jig with your good ole cousin Susan! Mav Mania all the Way!

We Cagle's are their #1 fans!!!

jenny biz said...

HA!! I have done that to David before! I love having the knowledge! The win was sweet!!

Phillips' Family said...

Much celebration was going on here on Saturday night! Go Mavs!

I am now on a quest to find matching baby/Daddy Mavs shirts before Thursday because Isaac's Mavs outfit was for winter only.