Friday, June 09, 2006

13 thoughts while driving home from Waxahachie today

1. Will my blogger be working today since it wasn't the past 2 days!
2. Why is it 108 degrees in my car
3. As I am stuck in traffic on 35W
4. Why is it taking me 2 hours to get home from Waxahachie?
5. Can I reach the left over fried chicken?
6. Sure had fun with Mammy and Dee
7. Dinner sure was good last night
(fried chicken, fresh green beans, mashed potatoes, fried okra, salad, biscuits, gravy, fresh corn, sweet tea, butterskotch pie, and banana pudding)
9. What will we do with Parker's new cows, horses, and bull-we are running out of farm space!
10. I hope Parker stays asleep the entire way.
11. Please stop crying Emaline...I know it is hot!
12. It sure was fun spending the night in Wakahachie for the Mav's party.
13. I don't think I will get to sleep in tomorrow!

I am feeling better about the pharmacy issue. The reason I LOVE/D the Target pharamacy is because everytime I went to pick up meds, the PHARMACIST would come to the front and expain all the side effects, ask if Parker/Emaline had been on the meds before, and answer any questions I had. They have even called to check on him after he was on antibiotic before! See why I loved it! It wasn't like all the times before when I have rolled up to a pick up window and had to yell my name at a 16 year old, sign a paper, and give some money. I liked the TLC I had received before and I love their bottles with the stopper tops. So, for now Target, we will work on our communcation. I will not be so kind in my surveys, and you will try to be a little more sensitive.

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Phillips' Family said...

Too funny (especially the part about wanting to gnaw some chicken while driving)!

I feel so bad for babies who are in either a carrier or rear-facing car seat in the summer time---the air conditioning barely hits them! I freeze myself out up front hoping that Isaac won't have heat stroke in the back!