Thursday, August 18, 2011

For real REAL.

I posted that yesterday, and really today mostly was a day where satan just started poking me. Just an annoying poking. MOST OF THE DAY! I prayed against it. I prayed for help. Got some relief, then tonight it has hit so hard that I almost can't breathe. The anxiousness is overwhelming.

Here is a small spit up: So, I look forward to Women of Faith like all year. ALL YEAR! I was looking forward to it beyond belief. I needed to hear what these women were going to say. NEED it! Tomorrow is Meet the Teacher at the kids school. I had a plan. Husband was going to meet me there and I would go to both teachers and one of my WOF companions would pick me up from school and we would head straight there. We would join our 3rd party and eat afterwards this time. Sounds great! It's been on my calendar for months. It has been the weekend before school starts for years. Guess what I just found out? IT ISN'T THIS WEEKEND!!!

It's next weekend.

Next weekend. You mean, the weekend where my kids begin soccer games!! Did I mention I am the assistant coach?? Oh, and Stacey's mom's side of the family is having a fish fry on Saturday out in East Texas!!! Did I mention I was beginning to pack? No wonder WOF companion coming in from out of town hasn't told me where we were staying! I'm not meeting her there TOMORROW, it's NEXT WEEKEND.

Oh, I just want to SCREAM! It would alarm my husband who is now asleep beside me. Oh, and we had a difference of opinion on something. Nothing major, you know, just one of those things and it hit right after I found all this WOF stuff out. He was super supportive about missing E's FIRST GAME, and about missing the family cook out. He understands. It is just ALL MY FAULT that I wrote the wrong date on my calendar MONTHS ago! MONTHS!

CALGON! Oh yeah, my bathtub doesn't work.

Let me wipe my mouth now.


Clay & Maurine said...

Let me tell you, one of my favorite things about you is your honesty and openness. You are real and that is refreshing. I know I'm not around you a lot, but that strikes me every time I see you and I appreciate you for it. I struggle with that, but you inspire me. :) Thanks.

Amy Skrovan said...

I could hear your voice as I read this and it made me laugh. Even though I know you are super frustrated you see the bright side of it all and I love that. So are able to go to WOF next weekend? Oh, I hope so. I know you have been looking forward to it.