Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Lord's Hand

BOY, if you have doubted it, ASK ME! His hand has been seen in my life in the past week. He has been working on me. Molding me. Creating. Preparing me for what was coming... and it has started. I'm not sure what this all means in my life, and you probably think I am crazy because this doesn't make sense.... but the LORD'S hand is at WORK!

ALSO, as I have seen the LORD's hand, I have also seen SATAN! BOY is he hard at work! He is working hard on our marriages! Lean in towards the LORD ladies, and men (if I have any men readers!). Seek guidance. Seen wisdom! HEAVY spiritual warfare is happening around me! I'm arming myself, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? If you don't see it, open your eyes! I ASSURE YOU!!!

Lord, don't let us sit around NOT preparing ourselves! Prompt us LORD to see urgency in this! Show us ways, people, books, speakers we need to be filling our lives with! THIS IS BIG STUFF and we can't DO THIS WITHOUT YOU!

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Clay & Maurine said...

You are not crazy! It's crazy that people ignore God's hand working in our world... It's crazier still that they ignore Satan's grasp on our world. Keep those eyes open... They are sure to see beautiful and powerful things! :)