Saturday, September 24, 2011


This morning before 7, as usually a little bug appeared on my side of the bed. As usual, I wrap my arm around that little body and pull him into my bed. This time as I wrapped my arm around him, I noticed something different. He was pant-less. He was sleeping diaper-less. Really? His words:

Mom, I neeeeeed you.

M: What is wrong?

I have poop on my bottom.

M: WHAT???!!!!

Daddy's attention has been gotten now. He says he will take care of it. Cool. He's my man girls! Don't fight!

Well, bug now reappears on my bedside wearing superhero underroos. I asked him if he had gone poop in his diaper. His answer:

yes, just a lilllll bit. And it looks like a dinosaur.


M: Where is your diaper?

B: in the dirty clothes.


Daddy: Uh, I'll go investigate.

Upon returning, Daddy confirmed diaper was in dirty clothes, and poop was found, but it didn't resemble a t-rex. And it was 'jus a lil bit.' The rest of the poop was in the potty.

I love this boy. Even if when he returned to my bed, had cold feet. AND, he continued to punch me in the chin. I asked him to stop punching me in the chin, but his response was: I trying to get closwer to you. AND GIRLS, he is mine too!

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Karl, Andrea, Kaden and Leland said...

Love. Love. Love little boys!