Monday, July 18, 2011

Emaline getting her ears pierced!

She has been asking for a while. I always thought we would make her wait until she was 10. WHY RUSH IT? Well, I don't think letting her get her ears pierced took away her childhood. She earned it. She has worked hard and shown responsibility.
In the parking lot before we got to Sweet and Sassy.
OH, she jumped her little self right in this chair and picked out the earrings she will be wearing for the next 8 weeks.
They dotted her ears with a marker... and we are still good.
Uh oh, do you see the fear? Hasn't been present AT ALL! Even talking to Parker on the way in.. no fear!
Here she wanted my camera to see the dots on her ear, but don't let that smile fool you.
A face at her brothers.

All you girls out there... you know what she is feeling, right?

Yep, you are probably reading this right now making the same face she is.

Yes, baby girl. You did it, and it is okay for you to make this face.

And the twisting. Not so sure if she is still thinking this was a good idea.

SHE LOVES THEM! Don't let all these faces fool you. AND she picked out the cross earrings all by herself. I was hinting towards a diamond'ish stud. NOPE. And she takes the cleaning very seriously. Don't even think about touching her ears without washing your hands. She and little brother had words earlier when he attempted. I am proud of you Emaline. I am not just proud of you piercing your ears, but of the responsibility you have shown us over the months. You are truly growing up right before our eyes!

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Youngs365 said...

the second to last picture--priceless! I remember that feeling & fear of the unknown very well. way to go, emaline!