Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Twas the first DAY OF SCHOOL!

Well, my alarm went off at 6:15. As I laid in bed, Parker and Bowden came bouncing in announcing they were dressed, hair and teeth brushed, and that Parker had dressed Bowden. He said he woke up at 6:00 am.

I woke Emaline up closer to 7. This was here after I said: Good morning Kindergirl!!!

B had to carry his lunch that I made him. He even took it into the kids school. He wanted to eat his lunch about 9 am!

Both kids had good days. Emaline was upset when I picked her up from school. She finally told me that it was because she didn't get to do anything. She said she didn't get to go to PE, she didn't get to go to Art. I asked her if she got to go to Music, and she said yes, but that wasn't good enough. She is funny. She is also upset that I signed her up to bring her lunch all week. She told me that Ms. Peters explained to her how to use the cafeteria and that she was ready! I assured her I knew she was, but I also expect the lines to be longer and I wanted her to have time to eat her lunch. I know, I am mean.

Parker had a great day! Not much on the details, but his class has 4 new students, and he said he made friends with them. This year he isn't with any of his good 'buddies'. That was heartbreaking at meet the teacher. Heartbreaking for me. He seems to be dealing very well with it. I love him and his confidence. I know he will have a great year!

B and I also had a great day!


Miss G said...

Boo on music class not being "good enough". :). Kelly

Marianne said...

Precious first day of school pictures!