Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Let's get real

I mean it, let's get real. How are you doing? How do you usually answer? Do you give the 'Fine' answer or do you tell it? Do you choose who you 'tell' it to, and give the 'fine' answer to 99% of the other people?

Well, I'm tired. Things in my life have been tough. I mean tough. AND I AM TIRED.

I don't want to use the 'fine' word, but I also don't always want to be the 'throw up' person. Do you know a 'throw up' person? Well, I am that person if you are the 1% person I 'tell it' to! You know, you ask a friend how it is going and they throw up all their problems all over you. Lately, that is me, because I have been stretching my 1% of confidants to anyone who will listen, it seems. I don't want to be the 'throw up' person. I want to spread kindness and cheer, really I DO! But satan is real. I MEAN REAL! And let me tell you, the past year and a half have been... well, the hardest of my life.

I am tired. Tired of hearing that yet?

Recently someone I love said that church is such a hard place to visit because everyone looks so nice, and sit in their perfect pews, and seem perfectly perfect. I assured her that no, NO, some of those perfectly looking people are HURTING inside. They are STRUGGLING just like you are. They are praying their heart out to take the pain away, to show them the way to go, the words to say, the steps to take, and aren't so perfectly perfect.

Our story. I'm not going to 'throw up' on blogger tonight, but OUR STORY, YOUR STORY is important! THE stories do bless others and doesn't allow satan to hold onto that darkness. I believe that satan LOVES those little secrets, the-it's not your business- secrets. Rick Atchley mentioned this a bit in his sermon last week. I grew up with the -it's not your business- attitude. I grew up being told not to trust. Oh, how satan loved that dark side of our life. I do think you need to be careful who you tell, I'm not telling you to call up US magazine and take out an article of your deepest darkest secret that you haven't even told your BFF, but it is freeing- maybe 'throwing up' just a little just might help someone else. There may be a connection with that person that they just may know the exact words to pray! It may be they know someone who has walked a similar path and can help encourage you.

So be careful asking me how I am doing, you may need to duck- sometimes it comes out projectile! I am trying to spread more positive, uplifting messages of hope and bring others joy. I don't think I succeeded tonight. Did I mention I am tired?


Phillips Family said...

I just love your posts. I think we all need to "throw-up" a little more. Even though telling someone how life really is can seem negative and like Debbie Downer, instead I really think the Lord can use it to be a blessing to others. Like you said, people are hurting. Not just a few...but a lot. When we share our hurts, we find peace with one another and it can lead us to the road of joy. Now go take a nap :)

Shelley said...

Love your post! Thanks for encouraging us to share our feelings with others. Just because we are "throwing up" does not mean we are being a Debbie Downer... I think Mommies think we always have to "have it together!" Just because we need to "throw up" every once in awhile doesnt mean we arent GREAT! We all need to get it out, let go. In letting go... You are right we may bless someone else or allow someone else to bless us. We are all in this together in the ups and downs. We just need to be truthful with each other in the good and bad times. I am with Lynley, take a nap :) And thanks so much for sharing! I want to work on sharing my true feeling too, not just the FINE!

Kelly said...

Love your post! And my favorite line is "sometimes it comes out projectile." Love it! And I love that I've been able to throw up on you (so to speak) before. :) I am someone who craves authenticity as well. This stage of life chasing small kids makes those conversations pretty challenging at times. Your post is a good reminder as to how important those relationships are!

Jodi said...

Girl, you throw up on my ANYTIME. Shoot, call me up and just project it! I completely understand the need... not sure the source right this minute for you, but I understand the need. Love you! Going to spend some time tonight praying for YOU.