Tuesday, November 08, 2011

I know it has been a while

I'm sorry. We have had so much going on. So much. We all do, I know. Here are a few thoughts:

I shared my story in class at church. In front of LOTS of people. LIKE A FULL CLASS, and I mean like 80 people. LIKE A LOT. The Holy Spirit was amazing that day, and although I didn't stick to all my notes, I feel like I shared what needed to be shared and God was glorified! Maybe I will summarize on here someday.

We had Jenny's Run for Hope on October 22. I have many photos and thank you's coming. It was an amazing day out of a dream.

I've been struggling as a mommy. Emaline has had 3 instances where she was bullied at school and ONE TIME it was from a mommy. Lord, forgive me for wanting to drive to that woman's house and burn it down, I mean talk.

Parker and Emaline have both played soccer. Stacey assistant coached Parker and I assistant coached Emaline.

Photography has been amazing. I have a few spots available, and I mean FEW! I had to open another day of mini's to make room for some amazing people.

I have seen Satan stomping all over the place. I MEAN ALL OVER! I am tired of it and you should be too!

I am sick of people using Facebook to 'talk' about people. You know what I am talking about. People hashing out fights, and taking digs at people over Facebook. I AM TIRED OF IT! It just makes you look bad. It really does. Oh, there are things that I would love to put out there. Things, people who just keep amazing me by their actions, but it just isn't the place. I don't feel bad putting here in BLOG world. You have CHOSEN to come read my blog, my online journal. Facebook isn't that! It is a place for you to connect with friends= connect, not bash or cut at. I have laughed, I have cried... but I don't like feeling the emotion of 'mad' when reading the feed. I mean, do you defriend?

Bowden keeps me in stitches, like ALL THE TIME. I truly wish I could freeze time on this guy.

Emaline is becoming such a beautiful young girl, inside and out. I love this girl.

Parker is a sponge. He is such a smart whip. His favorite channel is NatGeoWild, and confession... I LOVE IT TOO!

I backed into Stacey's parked truck, in the fog, with his tailgate down, when he usually isn't home that time in the morning, and we were running behind, not late, for school. Really messed up the mini, did nothing to his bumper and tailgate.

Well, I must go start dinner for my crew. Hope you all are doing well out here in the BLOG world.


Miss G said...

Hi friend, I like reading your thoughts and although I am not on facebook just imagining all that makes me mad. Our sermon at church today basically said you can't be mean and be a Christian simple as that. Kelly

Laura Drury said...

Reading your blog today brought a big smile on my face and some good motivation in my continual stompings on satan. :) Thanks for being open and real. Your family is precious and so is your love for the Lord.