Thursday, June 03, 2010

Memorial Day 2010, REUNION

You can read about last years here, and 2008 here, 2007 here, and even 2006 here. OH looking through the past years we have changed!!!! SERIOUSLY! I love these guys, class of....well, I am sure I said it in one of the old posts. 12 kids between us, although 2 GUYS decided NOT TO BRING THEIRS! We missed them, and their beautiful mommies who were home with them.

These gloves were a big hit!

Dawson and Parker. Having their own picnic, that was shortly busted when the girls wanted to join them.
Matching smiles.

We went to Clarksville one day to see Buddy, and the Clarksville Cousins.
I, SO badly, wanted to take Bowden's picture by the headstone. He went to sleep 2 minutes after we left our cousins home.

Wyatt ( my brother) was dj'ing the North Lamar prom so we stopped by during decoration/setup time and the KIDS had a BLAST!

The theme was Vegas. I have a video of Parker dancing on the stage. He was a natural, but I know you are not surprised!
Other highlights during the trip: breaking of an EXPENSIVE vase, Taco Delight, FUN at Gay and Jays looking at wild flowers and picking blackberries, Braums, buying bunk beds on the way home, and a photo shoot. I love going to Paris.


Gay said...

I LOVE you coming to Paris!!!

Amber said...

I love that you all still get together every year. What a handsome group you all are STILL!

Amber Lester Seymore

Miss G said...

love the peacock shirt Paige! Kelly