Monday, June 28, 2010

What the kids say!

Today, I was smiling from ear to ear over some sweet things the kids said. I don't want to forget, so here you go.

After Parker's surgery, I had had enough Boomerang and other cartoon networks so I introduced him to the DIY network, Do It Yourself. Now I have him hooked. He records the shows and watches them. We received a blessing today, RAIN! (1.63 inches to be exact!) We were so happy, since we had been praying for it for weeks. All 3 kids and I sat on the back porch and enjoyed the rain, even singing praises. The gutters on the back of the house are currently full of pine needles, so the rain was pouring off the back of the house. This is what my Parker said::::::

MOM, LOOK! We have our own WATER FEATURE!

Not sure, but I think I will begin deleting his DIY episodes!!

We were going to load up and meet MIL and FIL for FIL's birthday dinner during the down pour. Emaline puts on her rain coat with hood when she pats her head and says::::::

I love her!

If Bowden could give me a complete thought, other than "YOU'RE MEAN!" he would make you laugh. Not sure where he learned "YOU'RE MEAN," but I immediately say, "You're the QUEEN" and guess what, he repeats it! SO, he says "YOU'RE MEAN" and then says, "YOU'RE the QUEEN!" I'm trying to train him early.

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Miss G said...

those are precious. I especially love Emaline's comment. Kelly