Thursday, June 24, 2010


Parker woke up from nap time and was NOT feeling good after his surgery last week. I rushed around finding his meds and during all the commotion Bowden woke up. I picked him up, ran outside to get a Sprite for P and came back inside. Emaline is now awake looks at me and says:

What is on Bowden's face?


I look at him.

I smile.

Then I go to his room where I begin to see the damage. I sat Bowden down on his bed and RAN to get my camera...

He doesn't sleep here. He sleeps in the bed. I had just stripped his sheets so he was pouting.

See the discontinued sheets from Company Store!!! COVERED! I already wanted another set for the bunk beds... now I am on a mission to find new bedding for both boys.

We still don't know how the marker got into their room. But it did, and B found it, and created art. It took 3 days for all the marks on him to come off and the verdict is still out if I can get it out of the sheets.

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Doug said...

Try Grandma's stain removal from Hobby Lobby around $2.99. It removed a hot pink paper bleed on my almost white fabric. It's worth a try and I have a feeling that it will work.

However, I know that pain. . .when you have everything just right and someone goes and "creates art".