Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Annual Reunion

Well, here we are. Mindy, Justin, Elisha, Brian, and yours truly. This is our 3rd annual Memorial Day get together. This year we missed Justin's bride Debbie and their sweet girls Molly and Sadie. I get to go meet Sadie in a few weeks and CAN'T wait to see her. You can read about their family HERE

Last year I was weeks away from having Bowden, and in that blog post I asked who would be the next one, and it was Debbie!

B's favorite toy of choice...a ball! AND a basketball at that!
The boys having a great time.

All the kids in attendance.
Looks kind of cruel to me!
They boys were all about night crawlers!

Next year we will tripod it (or let Marlee take it!) to get all of our spouses.

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