Monday, May 01, 2006

Best Husband in the WORLD!

I know, I know you think you have the best one...but just hear me out.

Sister has been going through this stuff. Ever since they put her on the sulfa antibiotic, she has been spitting up and having, well, let's just say it, diarrhea. The past week she has been extremely fussy. So much so, while I have been away 2 times this weekend, I was called to come home and console my child. Stacey was out of town this weekend to make it worse. Put a tornado warning on top of that and you have my weekend.

Yesterday, after missing my second meal due to having to leave the restaurant with my screaming child, we came home to put the kids to bed. I slumped down at my computer to check blogs, email, etc. That is when I heard it. The water running. My first thought: Stacey is cleaning off his shoes in the bath tub. Don't know why I had that thought, he has never washed his shoes off before. I sat at my computer in a daze, exhausted. That is when he tapped me on my shoulder and asked me what bath products I would like. Excuse me? Maybe he took the hint on our drive home from dinner last night while my child was exercising her lungs when I made the comment you could rock climb on my back! I go to get into the bath and there it was, where the inflatable shark usually is, the foam alphabet gone, my suds remained. He had even lit candles. He even went to the living room to watch ESPN so that he didn't disturb my sanity, and he started the laundry.

Thank you husband for the 30 minutes of quiet. Now, I must go treat my jeans. During our wonderful outing to the zoo, I was pooped on. Not by a bird, but by my daughter. We go see our urologist this week so MAYBE we can stop these crazy meds. I want my daughter back!

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jenny biz said...

What a sweety hubby:) Hope you get some answers soon on Baby Girl!!