Wednesday, April 26, 2006

New blog

I was told that I needed to update my blog, so here is an update. First and second picture is sister wearing the sweet dress that Auntie got her. Parker's picture is one from a game we played again this week called hiding. I found him as you can see. And the last picture...he calls it his fish hair, I call it cute even though I was informed that I may be leading my son in the wrong direction and next he would have tatoos and piercings, not that those things are wrong...but he is only 2!

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jenny biz said...

Bring on the tattoos and piercings! I definitely see that in his future:) Cutie pie kiddos!!

STP, an IronMan said...

Thats my boy!!!

Amy C said...

Bryan's top two choices for tatoos would be, Elvis' "Taking care of Buisiness in a flash", and "Momma Don't Love Me." Neither of those are his mom's favorites ;)

I think if the time comes for a tatoo he is going to need to choose someone who can steer him in a different direction for tatoo choices! Don't you?

I think either of those might get you beat up. Tell Parker I love his fish hair and I think that he is still headed down a good path as long as momma still loves him :)

Phillips' Family said...

Please tell me you have matching "brother/Sister" outfits for those two cuties. It is so obvious they are siblings and they are too precious not to have pictures made in coordinating outfits.