Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen Updates
1. Emaline went to the specialist yesterday and we have decided (for now) to telescope the bladder to see where the blood is still coming from. It has been a week since our last one, but we have also been on medicine. Please pray for her and the doctors and the parents. The doctor is suppose to call today to schedule the procedure.

2. I picked Taylor from the beginning! I liked him all the way from Vegas baby! Did you know that he was not in the bottom all season. Once Chris was out I was so excited.

3. Emaline has a tooth! Yes, she is only 4 months and one has broken through and another is almost there. It is amazing to me that she hasn't been irritable. It makes me think that she could be in discomfort from #1.

4. I am so excited to get together with my high school friends soon. It is a minireunion of sorts. Mindy, Elisha, Kelly, Justin, Brian, and me and all of our families. I haven't seen Kelly in about 4 years. Mindy just built a new house and we are meeting there. I hear Brian has a video of our last day of high school to show. Yikes.

5. is interesting. I know you have probably heard about it on the news. I started with a simple page, and now I have a background, even music. I am not real sure it's purpose, I have found some old friends and learned some things I care not remember. My high school has this bulletin board thing and one of the topics was best high school memory. Number 1, I don't know these guys anyway, but number 2,the things these people remember...I have never heard of and would NOT have even attempted and could probably get these guys arrested.

6. Parker is trying to potty train. Key word is TRYING! I am just trying not to push it, let it be on his own timing. However, mommy is getting frustrated.

7. The Mavs lost last night. No more to say.

8. How come when people have brain surgery on TV they don't shave their head? Aren't we trying to be realistic? And really, must they also be wearing makeup!

9. Emaline is 2 inches longer than Parker was at 4 months. Watch out WNBA!

10. Our preacher has been doing an incredible series. This past Sunday was about families and praying for our children. Emaline was a little fussy, so I went to the cry room to get her to sleep so that my swaying and singing wouldn't bother anyone else around me since the sermon was starting. I opened the curtain to see Preacher and God took care of the rest. A great sermon. Now, living it...hold me to it.

11. Parker wants to be home. He is so funny. He just walked up to me as I am typing and told me he wanted to go home. Uh, we are home. I think it will upset him to know we have some errands to run. Oops, now he wants to go to the Ranch, and now he is referring to me as mom. Maybe he needs some attention. Must go and finish the other 2 later. Now it is the zoo. We may have a busy day.

12. Parker is into superheros. Not sure where he picked it up. It has been going on for about 3 weeks. His 'cape' from which he gains his power is quite interesting. It usually comes in the form of shoes or boots. My high heeled black sandals seems to bring the most powers, but currently it is the cowboy boots.

13. My sweet friend and her daughter have taught my son this song, that goes like this: yeah yeah (disco call) (disco call) yeah yeah (disco call) ( disco call) (something about Jesus). I can't figure out what he is saying at the end. He sings it all day long. It is too cute.

Have a good Thursday!


Phillips' Family said...

Quite impressed that both you and Kelli have done your 13 for today! Poor Emaline--teeth, bladder issues, Mavs losing....She is a trooper! I hope you are able to figure out soon what is going on with her and get it worked out!

Now that you have admitted you have a myspace, you must post the link.

Kelli said...

Parker wore Matthew's old cowboy boots almost the whole day here yesterday, along with Matthew in his boots and Ethan in his. He also named every horse in our house Junie B. Wonder where that came from.

jenny biz said...

I also loved the sermon on Sunday! He gave me so many things to think about and work on. LOVE THAT!!
I too do not want to talk about that game last night but we will hope for better manana.
And last but not least...yes, you did have it nailed from the beginning. Taylor was your dog. And exactly why were you EXCITED when Chris got kicked off. I am assuming b/c you know if he had not been robbed of votes he would have been equal competition for Tay Tay:):)

Kim Q. said...

I was with you on Taylor, even though My heart pulled for Elliot. Taylor was different..a good different and his name just flowed...Taylor a James Taylor or something. Anyways...It's all done. WOW! Oh, sweet little Parker, I remember those unofficial potty training days! Oh, how I wish I could have heard him naming those horses! What a scream!
I can't wait to see Emaline's personality, I know it will be just as zany as the rest of your guys! I love you!

Beverly Ross said...

I enjoy reading your lists!!! Parker is a doll! I love watching Malaya interact with him!