Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of you mothers. We had a great weekend celebrating with many of our 'mothers'. Friday night Stacey took me to Cheesecake Factory for mother's day and presented me with a beautiful necklace that matches a ring he had given me 2 years ago from James Avery. I also get to do a little shopping. Thanks babe~

Saturday morning we had our weekly together breakfast! So much fun. Then we started a yard project. That evening we went to MIL's house to celebrate with husbands family. It is so much fun having 4 generations together.

Sunday my mom and grandmother joined us for church and my sister joined us for lunch. We surprised my mom with lunch at an Indian food restaurant, again 4 generations together. My mom loves the food and hasn't been to eat it in over 3 years. I enjoyed making her smile.

Today has been crazy. Emaline has had 2 more bad diapers in the past week. Today we went to her urology specialist for them to bag her~ that is another post altogether. We just got home from 4 hours at the doctor's office. We all are whipped. I had Parker with me because my thought was we could go to the zoo after her quick 'bagging,' not so. He was such the trooper. 2 are asleep and I will be quickly joining them. I attached 2 of the pictures we gave as mother's day presents.


Kelli said...

Happy Mother's Day to you also. Sounds like a great one. I hope that you get some answers soon about Emaline.

Summer said...

Could your kids be any cuter?

Beck Boys said...

Happy Mothers day to you as well. Hope you had a wonderful day and ejoyed your children. Love the pictures. Hope Emaline feels better. Keep us posted on her progress.

Amy C said...

I love those pictures. Parker is too cute in his cowboy hat.

Phillips' Family said...

Great pictures!

"Bagging" sounds like a horrible thing. I hope sweet Emaline is diagnosed soon and can go back to being a happy girl!