Wednesday, May 03, 2006


We love going to Bop and Sid's house. We love going to Paris to see our family that we don't get to see very often. I was going through the pictures on the computer and came across some pictures that were too similar I had to share. The pictures were taken almost 1 year from each other. It is so fun to see how kids change.

Note: the far left middle picture is a signature pose for Parker. This was his SCARY face. He still does it to this day...which reminds me...I should photograph it before he stops doing it.


Amy C said...

I love that. You are so fortunate to have keyed in on those sweet little similarities and captured them on film. Who knows, maybe there will be picutes just like that of his son someday. I have some like that of my brother and Blake that I love because they are so similar.

jenny biz said...

Those are great!! What great memories. One day you can do a collage like that and Parker's kids will be sitting in the swing:):)

Phillips' Family said...

Tobe and I laugh every time we think of Parker doing his scary face, especially when he was still a baby. Hysterical! Perhaps he can use it one day when the boys start calling Emaline.

We have that same swing in our backyard and I almost decapatate Isaac everytime I take him out.

Parker is such a cute and sweet boy!