Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I LOVE to eat!
1. Gummy worms
really anything under the gummy category
2. Popcorn
I have fallen in love with kettle butter! YUM!
3. Rocky road ice cream
4. Snow cones
I like the Pina Cola flavor
5. Cheese
any form or fashion, grated, chunked, string, or by the pound
6. Strawberries
chocolate covered or sprinkled with sugar
7. Bread with Honey Butter
8. Twizzlers
Prefer the original red
9. Sweet Pickles
Midgets are my favorite
10. Filet migeon
Medium Rare please with a sweet potato
11. Peanut Butter
on crackers or the spoon
12. Mexican Food
potato burrio from TB or bean burritos covered with cheese, or anything at TACO DELIGHT!
13. Hot Tamales
Not the stuff inside corn husks, but the candy!

I tried 3-4 other posts today regarding 13, but Blogger wasn't cooperating. I will leave with yesterday's picture of Emaline on her 4 month birthday. We had our visit today and the girl already weighs over 17 pounds!


Krawl and Anra said...

I love the Thursday Thirteen! Emaline is so precious. I am ready to see her. She is beautiful, Paige. Thank you for all of the wonderful updates!

tamandscott said...

Chicken potato burritos are my favorite!!! I'm surprised I didn't turn into one when I was pregnant with Brayden!

Amy C said...

The Thursday 13's are great. Keep them coming. Maybe someday I will be patient enough to sit down and think that long.

Kim Q. said...

yeeaaa! mine finally posted! I did it last night...I skidded in almost midnight! But then when I went to it this morning it had actually posted back in march. CRAZINESS! So I had to figure out how in the world to redo the date thing. Then it kept deleting part of the code stuff. It was really exhausting actually! So..YES! I am a true 13er!!!

jenny biz said...

Now I am hungry!! 17 pounds!! Wowie wow wow!!