Thursday, May 11, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I love about being a Mommy!
1. I love Parker kisses.
2. I love it when Parker says, "FOR YOU MOMMY".
3. I love to hear Parker say "Jesus Christ" during our prayers,it is so cute!
4. I love having a great Daddy to help me!
5. I love the time we have to play, sing, and paint.
6. I love to see Emaline smile and laugh out loud.
7. I love being able to stay home with the kids.
8. I love to dream of what they will be like when they grow up.
9. I love to think of the saying, Children are your heart walking on the outside.
10. I love to teach my kids about God and all of his creations.
11. I love having a reason to act silly.
12. I love when Emaline grasps my finger and won't let go.
13. I love to LOVE!

Join me in Thursday Thirteen. Leave me a comment so I know to come check yours out!


Kelli said...

I joined you.

jenny biz said...

So many great things to be grateful for! What sweeties!!

Amy C said...

Very cute 13 Thursdays.

Phillips' Family said...

I have joined you, but am not quite finished with my post so it still resides on my blogger dashboard. I will complete it today so make sure to check it later!

Paige said...

YES! Another BEWARE 13 blogger has joined us! I can't wait to read it and laugh out loud. You are so creative with your blogging.

Kim Q. said...

YIPPPEEE! Thanks Paige for encouraging us! I love the Thursday Thirteen! I couldn't figure it out really...then there it was... and alot of it! I have no idea how to reconfigure it to not have all that other stuff, especially the unlinked links ha ha! And the whole joining...I'll have to do some fiddling around to figure that out, or when Joel or John get home ask them! I love you and Thank you Thank you! for your comment You are very generous with your sweet words! I adore you! I'm praying for you guys! I'm so sorry about the emotional roller coaster with angel pie Emaline! You know how it feels when you are holding her in your arms so snug yet tenderly...I hope you feel God's arms around you just as physically and vividly while you are walking(some days crawling) in this unknowing time!
Isaiah 35:3-4