Friday, May 05, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Okay,Okay. I know it is Friday, but I just came across this idea and loved it and thought, "I am only 1 day late" so here I go.

Thirteen Things I learned this Week
1. Things are better when Husband is home.

2. Baby showers are so much fun.

3. Laura Quile has a great voice.

4. General Hospital IS the best daytime drama :)

5. Emaline can now laugh and talk out loud.

6. Sopapilla Cheesecake is INCREDIBLE!

7. Parker loves his LaLa and cousin Lindsey.

8. Storms remind me of how powerful God is.

9. Laundry doesn't have an end.

10. The floor won't clean itself.

11. I learned how to put that cool banner on the top of my blog.

12. The zoo is so much fun with friends.

13. I learned how cool my husband is!


jenny biz said...

I love all your fun new additions to your blog!! I second the GH motion!

Chelsea said...

Paige, I love this idea! And, I love all the new links and images on your blog! Now, you need to have a tutorial blog for all of us who don't have a CLUE how to add those fun things!! :)

Paige said...

If you click on the title of my blog it will take you to the official Thursday Thirteen website. I hope to keep it up and use many of the different '13' ideas. I am glad you like my new additions...what would you like to learn and I will try to remember how to do it! I won't tell you how long it took me to figure it out!

Jenni said...

I just want to know how to make photo collages like you do!!

Paige said...

The collage thing comes with Picasa, a free google picture software. I love it. It is all I use. You can download it from It is very easy to learn. You put a hold on your pictures you want, then hit the collage button. There is the picture pile, grid, and contact sheet. So much fun!