Friday, September 04, 2009

Calling the window treatment guys...

When we moved in, one of the things I wanted to change was the window treatments/coverings. In our first 4 days of living here, we broke 4 of the current coverings. YIKES! 5 of the current coverings are hung by thumb tacks. I have had the window guy come and measure and give me quotes, but I do like the coverings in one of the front rooms. I like how it allows the light in, but in another room we need a bit more privacy. ANYWAY, I haven't made up my mind until now. The thumb tacks didn't bother me, until Bowden decided to redecorate today.

I ran to get my camera when all was going crazy. I didn't check settings, just started shooting. OOPS. My whitebalance was set SO wrong and my ISO was very wrong, SOOOO these are SOOC WRONG! But hey, I am also a mom, not always a perfect photographer.

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