Saturday, September 19, 2009

A girl's day!

A few weeks ago, me and Ms. E went ice skating at the Galleria while the boys were at the Ranch, and little boy went to Nana's. We needed to do something just the 2 of us, and I think we picked the perfect thing. Since Parker went to school (and before) we haven't been the best of friends, not that we are suppose to be friends, I know, I am the mom, but I things haven't been smooth for us. Some friends of ours from preschool are actually taking ice skating lessons, so before we signed up for that, we needed to see if Ms. E liked it.
This sweet girl skated for over an hour straight before getting a bit whiny. We had an amazing time and she was so daring. I, however, was a total sweat box since I wore 3 layers to keep warm. Who knew holding up a 3 year old on skates would be such a work out!

Towards the end, during her whiny stage, she finally complained that her bottom was wet!

She hung to that wall a lot, but then she would hold my hand and glide... whatever!

A great day! We got some cookies from a store and had a snack together and discussed our fun. I'm holding out on lessons, unless she brings it up, but we will go again FOR SURE! I love you Ms. E!

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