Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten

These are all out of order, so just enjoy the ride. Ms. Kim brought ME a gift for the first day of school. I could not open it until after I dropped him off. Good thing! I needed some of those supplies. This photo was taken the night before school. He also wanted to eat in the cafeteria all week. That kind of hurt my feelings. I wanted to make his lunch! Oh, well. Maybe next week!

Here is when things got a little hairy! He asked me: are you leaving me now? It just broke my heart. I think it finally hit him that it was time. He was so ready for kinder, but just realized I was not going too! The guy in front of him actually was in his nursery at Southlake when I taught there in 2004! Doesn't that wave just break your heart!!!

We, parents, were NOT allowed to go to class with the kids. We all met in the library and from there the teachers took the kids to class. YUCK! I noticed that many other parents were sneaking down, so I took the opportunity. I LITERALLY, saw where he was sitting and just fired the camera. He saw me, and waved and I took off. I didn't want to make the teacher upset with me on the first day!

He had a great day! I took video of him walking to the car and telling me about his day! It was so fun to hear all about it. He woke up extra early today and was ready to go.


Amy C said...

so bummed, my phone photos didn't turn out. Mine would have tried to die if I had taken my real camera! That wanting to capture it has never faded for me. Oh well I guess I will just have to cherish the photos of when they were little.

jenny biz said...

Love the pics and yes that one of him waving makes me want to cry BUT so glad he was ready to go this morning!!

all things girly said...

is that Owen Land??? Oh my gosh he is so big!

glad everything is going well!


summer said...

Look at that face! I would have cried, too, Paige. His freckles kill me. Oh, man. He's just SO cute!

margk said...

He looks so grown up! I am glad he was excited to go the next day.