Friday, September 11, 2009


Our washer stopped working about a week ago today! Things around here were really backing up! I had to sort the clothes in the living room today so I had room. My mother in law did a load for us over last weekend.
This was right before the delivery!
I called Cousin Mark last Monday and asked him the 411 on front loaders, and he was a wealth of knowledge! We are now the proud owners of front loaders! Notice our stands don't match, well that is because we got a great deal, and if you ask me, they look very nice with our white models. One thing I really like about the set/pedestals, is how easy it is to move the clothes from the washer to the dryer! So easy.


amerriman said...

I'm jealous. I love your new washer and dryer.

Miss G said...

I like the contrasting stands. It gives it a nice look. Kelly

p.s. April 15th. :)

Three Two Hold One Lost said...

Hey, I love the new template on your blog...the polka dots and colors are pretty. Also, we are shopping appliances for the house...whirlpool. Need front load washer and dryer and frig. Any suggestions?