Saturday, September 19, 2009


For the past few months I have been carrying around Stacey's point and shoot, the photos taken during iceskating were taken from that camera, and I have found MANY MANY more! So beware of a few random photos!

The below photos are from Bowden's surgery day months ago when had tubes put in and his adnoids removed. I love this photo! If only he knew what was coming! Don't pay attention to the date on the photos. We didn't go to 2037!
I am not sure when the above photo was taken....but it was attempt to photography the grandkids are Nana's house.
Cupcake heaven! Before Bowden's birthday party we went to order his cake from a bakery in Arlington. This lady had some RAVE reviews from many of our Keller friends, and let me say it was worth the drive to her bakery! AND because we didn't just call in our order, she made us some extra special cupcakes, or should I say the KIDS made us some cupcakes. She let the kids help decorate these, or atleast pick out the design, but they thought they made it! The CROWN was actually MINE! Emaline picked it out for me since I am a queen! I love her. This must have been on a good day. She wanted flowers on her cupcake. Parker picked out the boys cake design. She whipped these out in nothing flat. You can refer back to the beach ball cake for the cake she made for Bowden. I held her back on that cake. I just wanted simple, but her website has some amazing stuff!

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