Friday, September 18, 2009

Bara Church

Over the past months we have been part of a church planting group. It has been hard. Not easy. Satan has made himself aware. This past Sunday was our very first Sunday Service. We have been meeting, praying, serving, and practicing for a while now, so it was great to see the fruits on Sunday. Our goal is to reach Trophy Club, to make God known. You can read more at, I will link it as well so you just have to click.

My kids have been troopers through this time of searching. If you are a frequent blog reader of mine, you know some of the struggles we have had. Leaving a place that we felt so connected, kind of thrown out to search...all orchestrated by the Lord himself, I believe. As we visited other churches, we also knew some great friends of ours were going to plant a church. We prayed for our direction...and felt led to join Bara's foundation, to get uncomfortable, try something new, but scripture based. Leaving COC was a hard step for me, it is how I was raised. It has been a journey. I recently heard that the churches actually reaching the unchurched were mega churches, and church plants. That is interesting. Truly our goal isn't to take member from other churches, but to reach those who are not going to church, unbelievers, or those who 'don't like those people" you know, the ones who have been hurt by the churched and left, or is repelled by it. We can't keep doing the same thing and expect a different result....we need to get creative, maybe look at some traditions, as what they are: traditions, or preferences, and stay in the word. That is what our searching did for me. As we visited, I got to worship at many different churches, experience worship in ways I have never done before, and wouldn't have if I wanted to stay comfortable. I still have a bit of preference inside of me, actually, quite a bit, but I know that I am being led to some new styles, some new ways, all aren't going to send me to hell. Just had to say it! :)!

I erased most of what I was saying, because it was a rant. Not to hurt anyone, or to cause controversy, but because it was where I felt I was led. I have loved to watch my kids through this journey. They miss their 'known', but Parker especially knows he has a big job, greeting new kids to class and make them feel welcome. To be Jesus in his classroom, at school, and at church. We talk about it, sure we talked about it where we were, but they are challenged (see, being stretched) just as their parents are.


A Fancher said...

I'm glad you figured out where you should be for now. It's hard. We're still looking for a church that "feels right". It's different not being in the "bible belt" anymore. Churches are definitely different here. The girls have been troopers though, which has helped. Mia does frequently ask why we can't go back to "our" church. Jarrod has to explain it to her b/c I can't answer. I don't like change and I miss "our" church and our friends way too much to not give her an overly emotional answer. So, we are still searching, but I'm glad you've found a place. It sounds like you have a lot of work ahead and I will be thinking about you guys.

Jodi said...

Yay for ya'll!!! Been there with the whole "experiencing change" with church, and it is quite a journey of growth. But I am so excited for you guys! And so impressed at your faith through it all. :)

Kelly said...

Way to go!

Stacia said...

Hang in there! I've been there with you and it's SO hard leaving the COC and what you were raised with and trying to decipher, is this scriptural or tradition? It's a regular challenge and honestly we haven't gone to a COC in almost 8 years and we are STILL being streched.

The Lord is using you guys and even though it's going to be different for your kids than the way your were raised, it's going to be great for them.

I seriously have so much to share about that but don't want to write a book. Novel thought, maybe I should send you an email. :)

MDM said...

AAAH, so hard! Right there with you. We are so stuck on how people will react to what we feel we need to do for our spiritual journey...Help me!!! I'm so happy for you.

anne said...

I am so happy for you and your family! I love you.