Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My guy!

You are an amazing guy! AMAZING! I love your laugh. I love your dance moves. I love your freckles, and how those angels keep sneaking in and giving you another. I love how you let me hunt for new ones! I love your sensitivity (most of the time). I love how you are a servant. I love how you can remember your memory verse so easily. I love your passion for the Lord. I love your ranches that you create with your fences and horses. I love that you want to be a cowboy when you grow up! Or that you want to work at Western Warehouse! I can't wait to hear your stories from Kindergarten. I cant wait to hear about your new friends. I will miss you. I will miss your hand to hold, and your kisses. I will be excited to pick you up and get a hug, do your homework, get you a snack, and see you plan with sister and Bowden. They will miss you so much. Next summer will be so much fun, I promise Parker. Just know that this summer is so that every one after will be so much better. I love you!

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Three Two Hold One Lost said...

Just like you love Parker and miss him.....He loves you as his Momma and will miss seeing you during the day. This summer has not been bad, it has been difficult, hard, transitional, but not bad. Because you are not a bad Momma to those children. Parker is learning from you that life gives us hard times, but together you make it through. Love the picture of you and P!
Love, Angela