Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Left house at 8:45 am

This morning I dropped my big kids off at a friends home to play. They had a great time!

I took B to meet my mom since he has run a fever there was NO way I was going to put someone else through that. Sorry mom.

Went to meeting, thought it would be an hour, lasted 2.5.

Grabbed B from mom, ran to get kids.

Grabbed kids from friend, ran to pediatrician.

B was checked out. Negative flu, negative strep. You know how hard it is to hold down a 23 lb 13 month old for a flu and strep test.

Parker got a shot. I had 2 crying boys in my lap.

Discussed poor office skills with office manager at pediatrician about last weeks shot mishap.

Flew through Sonic.

Ran to radiologist for chest xray for B. Filled out paperwork and waited forever for our turn. Ever hold down a 23 lb 13 month old while having an xray done? NOT FUN.

Daddy met us there, took boys to soccer practice.

Phone rang, NO pneumonia. Praise God.

Took girl to Khol's to look for cheap flip flops since we had not been home yet. Emaline announced to everyone in check out that she needed to go poop.

Met up with MIL and SIL and CC (cousin cassidie) at Sweet and Sassy.

Girls got toes and nails, and lots and lots of glitter, hence the flip flops.

Went to Snuffers with MIL, SIL, and CC. MY boys met us there. Emaline was informed that she needed to apologize to me for being NEGATIVE. It came out like this: Mommy, I am sorry for being NAKED. I don't think she got it and me smiling at her , I'm sure didn't help!

Went to Walgreens. Lady walked by and told Emaline: Little GIRL MOVE! I did NOT hear it, as I was on a cell phone discussing medicine for B with Stacey. I did hear the lady say something but the look on Emaline's face and the tears that were shed, there is NO doubt that lady said it. If I was in a better frame of mind, that lady would have been hunted down and clawed to death. Seriously. This lady doesn't know who she was messing with on this day!

Bought more Tynenol and Motrin.

Called mom to ask about dosage on a medicine the PA told me to get. Also talked to pharmacist about it. Didn't buy it. Will call doc in morning to confirm.

Went to Tom Thumb to get a few groceries.

NOW, it feels like midnight and it is only 9:33. Going to bed. A long day tomorrow. I need to remind myself that I had surgery 4 weeks ago. OOPS! I did take in the stroller to the pediatrician. Didn't help. B wouldn't ride in it. E did. Ever try to hold a 13 month old and push a 3 year old!

A new sweet baby being born tomorrow. I can't wait to meet her! I will miss her mamma at WOF this weekend though. Of course, lots of things happening in our lives to distract us from WOF. Always happens. Not gonna get me down!


Alyssa said...

Whew!!! What a crazy day! We loved having your sweet children over....wish there would have been something that I could have done to make the rest of the day less crazy!

Miss G said...

Hang in there, Paige! Kelly