Thursday, August 06, 2009

Visits from the siblings

Uncle Wyatt came by today! We loved his visit, can you tell?
E pounced on Wyatt.
The above photo is so funny! You see we were all chatting in the living room when Parker walked in from the game room and informs us that he wants to play hide and seek with uncle Wyatt. We all kind of 'whatever', then P says, I am playing hide and seek with Uncle Wyatt's wallet. Well, that got our attention, but I still think W thought he was playing. A few minutes later, Parker said, YOU ARE SO COLD WHERE YOU ARE. This got UW's attention, so Wyatt got up and went looking for his wallet. Parker hid it UNDER the couch in the gameroom!!! Wyatt was a great sport!

Above is one of my favorites!!! I think I will give it to him for Christmas, or earlier....who knows.

Last weekend La came to visit, and of course she brought Isaiah! We love him! Check his hair out! Parker wants hair like his, so we may be growing out his do! WE MAY!!!

Note: Emaline has on shorts.

Bop and Sid brought the kids these glasses. They are straws!!! Kind of a mess to clean up, but the kids loved them!

And a special shout out to Nana, who has been here all week keeping our house going and loving on B every time he needed to be picked up. B and I are becoming great snugglers.

Recovery, going well.

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Kristie Lee said...

I LOVE the pictures of Wyatt with each one of the kids individually they are AWESOME!!!!!