Sunday, August 23, 2009

My p man

It is a big week here at the Pearson house. LOOK! Parker learned how to tie his shoes, well, sort of!

Parker is a huge napper! HUGE! Many times he sleeps in his sleeping bag, this is what I found today. I found the hands first, then the sweet freckled face!

We had a small Kindergarten blessing tonight for him after our Bara Church Planting meeting. It was so special. My baby is....growing...up!


jenny biz said...

Malaya and I were just talking about him last night. Can't believe he is starting Kinder!! Can't wait to hear how his first day goes!!

Amy C said...

Awww! It will be okay mommy. I felt the same way dropping mine off today. They loved it! Emaline and Bowden will enjoy their mommy time and you will treasure every moment with Parker even more.

I have a picture of Bailey standing in front of her cubby in K with the expression you were describing. It broke my heart. She was so excited until she got there...:) That moment was priceless and so sweet.

Have a great K P!

Becky Lynch said...

Is his teacher Mrs. Isaacs? I LOVE HER! One of my girlfriends from church has a little girl in her room also. It is a great school. He is going to have a great year!