Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Hero

Last night, my husband came to my rescue! I walked into the bedroom to call it a night when I noticed I was NOT in the room alone. There, on the wall, was a 4 legged creature with a long tail! It was a small GECKO! IN MY ROOM! I yelled. He came. He captured. He released OUTSIDE!

Thank you babe.

This was the second time he rescued me this week! The other a weird BLACK bug crawled across my foot as I worked on my computer!! I again screamed. He came. He killed. I woke him up for that one. Sorry babe.

Yucky BUGS!


jaymie said...

oh come on cuz! Are your CDR days THAT far away??!!!!??

Three Two Hold One Lost said...

I don't like any type of entomology or reptiles!!!! Hope Bowden is doing better or you atleast have an explanation for his fever.

Amy C said...

Blake and Bailey rescued me from a gecko this week too!