Monday, February 23, 2009

Stinking blogger

SO, you may remember that Blogger wanted me to pay to post photos...I obliged...paid my money...and they still haven't credited me my space! SO NO PHOTOS! Sorry. Don't worry, I am sad too!

Great Wolf Lodge
Impromptu shoot
Ranch Party

and I am sure many many more that I need to post about. I am tired. It is late. I have school tomorrow. I should get to bed, and here I am on the stinkin computer.

Parker has a loose tooth! I can't believe this is happening. He is getting older.
Bowden is making some great faces, loving to hold onto our fingers and stand up. Still doesn't want to roll over. AND that is okay with me.
Emaline is just hilarious! She wants bandaids for everything. She dresses first thing in the morning. She dresses for bed, from nightgown, with sleep pants under AND socks. Every night.

Stacey amazes me at all he does. The foundation, work, my photography stuff, dad, husband, servant...that is my man.

HOpefully I can post photos soooooooon!

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Stacey Pearson said...

Thank you my sweet love!!!