Friday, February 27, 2009

Please don't call CPS

the weather changes, I thought I would get outside and clean up my car. Parker stuck a sticker to one of the back windows MONTHS ago, so I grabbed my scrapper and went out to tackle the mess a la car. Well, I put Bowden in his bouncy seat in the garage, it was not as cool in there (my car is parked outside currently). I cleaned out my car, the dash, Parker vacuumed. BOWDEN STARTED SCREAMING. I mean mad. My hands were covered with chemicals from the windows and dash, so I came inside to wash my hands and when I walked outside I had a neighbor standing out checking on B. I FELT AWFUL! I tried to explain my hands were messy so I ran inside to wash them...yada yada....She just kind of smiled and said she just had to come check on him since he was so loud. I apologized over and me looking like a train wreck didn't help! I mean...I did have on clothes not pajamas even if they didn't match, but hair not combed...make up NOT on (which probably scared the girl). SO, hopefull I will still have custody of my children after today!

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