Friday, February 27, 2009


Can you tell how happy I am that blogger likes me now? I am officially a soccer mom. He did great! I love his little team. They have welcomed us with open arms. This team has been together for a few seasons, but had one not return. We filled that spot. Parker on a VERY COLD first game.
Doesn't this look great...? WELL, not to embarrass my guy in later years, but he didn't score! The ball hit the post then stopped on the white line. STOPPED ON THE WHITE LINE! WE were all yelling to kick it again, but I think everyone thought it went in. The other team is currently being recruited for the Preschool Professional Soccer Players of America, so they knew to kick it back out and probably went down to score another goal!

Parker has now asked me to write something on this picture:
P: I love playing soccer at my field. My mommy took beautiful pictures of me. Love, Parker.

I DID NOT BRIBE HIM! He told me word for word and I wrote it! I promise!

You did great babe! I can't wait until tomorrow when we will freeze again to cheer you on!

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