Thursday, August 31, 2006

13 things I would buy or do if I had 13 kazillion dollars

1. More shoes
2. Buy a house with a playroom attached to a Creative Room for me!
3. Have a great play area outside for my kids
4. Get massages weekly
5. Pay for fertility treatments for my friend
6. Stop tutoring
7. Take the kids and hubby and go on a 3 week beach vacation, wait, I have a Kazillion dollars, I will use my jet to visit our island monthly
8. Buy my husband a baseball team of his choice
9. Buy a suite at the AAC to watch the Mavericks game, oh yeah, I am a Kazillionaire, I will buy the team and create a courtside condo
10. Add on to our church for more classrooms
11. GIVE mountains of money away for childhood illnesses
12. Start my own photography business
13. Have someone come clean my house once a week, and wash my car, and do my laundry, and unload the dishwasher, and mow the lawn, and ....

I know that 13 kazillion dollars will not make me happier than I am now, but it is fun to dream! You can't blame a girl for DREAMING!

Emaline is NOW mobile. Watch out world. She is moving along 2.5 months ahead of Parker. AND she is cutting her top 2 teeth. They haven't broken through yet...but I can see them.


Amy C said...

Maybe if you start that photography business, you will make a Kazillion dollars. You are very gifted in that area!

Phillips' Family said...

Can I come play in your creative room?

Everyone says that baby girls do things so much faster than baby boys. How fun for Emaline now that she can keep up with everyone else!

Kim Q. said...

I would totally want to help with #5 ooohhhh, I pray everyday!!!!! That is my favorite one! I love you Paige Pearson!

WadeStrz said...

I always start thinking this way when I pass a Texas Lottery billboard showing how much the jackpot is up to.

I think about paying off family members' houses; buying a building for our church - if they would even accept evil gambling money; and starting my own business. Isn't it weird to think having all that money and then going out an starting a business? I think it's a boredom issue.

The one self-indulgent item I'd get would be a killer ski boat . . . and a lake house . . . where we could have bible studies!!

powell said...

These are great. I love number 5 the only thing i would have changed is i would also spend zillions of dollars for a cure for infertility. Being one who has had these issues its the worst, i wouldnt wish it on anyone!!!
Until the money comes in we will keep praying, cause i also know that works too!!!

Robinson Family said...

That's hillarious...I almost posted my 13 on this same topic today! Maybe its all those commercials for "Windfall" I keep seeing...

Congrats to Emaline on her mobility!

jenny biz said...

I would love to put in the pot for #5 too;)
I agree with AC that starting your own photog bus. would put you on the track...You have a maj. gift for that!!!

Kelli said...

I would also have someone come blow out my hair every day.

Beck Boys said...

It is so nice to dream of all the thing we can do. Keep your dreams high. You have to dream to have goals. You have to have goals to achieve anything. Good luck. you can do anything you set your mind to do. Start that business!

The Benson Bunch said...

I am with ya on getting massages every week!!!

You are so creative with your 13! Everytime I read them, I am like, "that's a good one! I need to remember that."

Loved hearing about your dreams...who could happen!

STP, an IronMan said...

But baby, wait, won't air conditioning get us to that kazillion dollars real soon? ;) I think the votes are in, we need to start that photo business!!! By the way, would you buy me a new arm that could throw 90MPH so that I could pitch for the team that I own? That would be great!

margk said...

I am praying for #5, too! I think God will come through on that one. Massages every week, cleaning every about every day!

Kristen said...

I would like to have a maid come to clean up my house every 2 or 3 days I think if I had a kazillion dollars! With our house on the market right now, it seems like that is all we are constantly and more cleaning!

btw, I was looking back at a previous blog of yours with pictures that were taken at Grapevine Botanical Gardens? Where is that? I have lived in the metroplex over 8 years and have never even heard about it!

Paige said...

Thanks guys for all of the encouragement for the photo business, it may be even closer than you think!

#5- always in my prayers

Grapevine Botanical Gardens is small, but beautiful. It is quite a treck from Frisco, Kristen, but if you exit William D. Tate from 121/114 South, and turn right. Take that street a mile or so, and beware it changes names to Wall I think. Once you pass 26 or Ira Woods be on the look out. It will be on your right. THere is a small, but shaded park adjacent to the Gardens so it was an incentive to Parker if he was good during pictures, then we would play at the park, and oh yeah, he got COKE!

Grapevine Residents: Please correct any of my directions that may not be right.