Wednesday, August 16, 2006

13 of SOME of the Greatest Memories I have:
*In no particular order*

1. The day Stacey Pearson proposed! In the rain, at the place we would be married..
2. Our Wedding Day
3. The birth of Parker Gregg
4. The birth of Emaline Cagle
5. The day I gave my life to the Lord~ my sister was with me, and my dad baptized us right after each other. My grandmother was there...along with others of course, but I can vividly see her.
6. Being with my Grandfather in his last few moments...and days before praying over him and witnessing miracles... He died in 1999, a few months after I graduated from college.
7. Sharing a room with my Nanny. Now at the time, this wasn't the greatest memory, I was in middle school and she had Alzheimers(sp?)...but I can still smell her pillow if I try hard enough. She died when I was a freshman in college.
8. Having my other Nanny(Nanny Betty) tell me that my prayer (in public) was beautiful. If you know me, you know that public prayer for me is difficult, and with short notice I shot a prayer up asking for boldness and the words to say, and it was granted. She passed away last year.
9. Sherman, Texas, 1993 North Lamar vs. Paris High for the trip to state. Holding hands with my teammates on the floor, looking up into the FULL stands singing our school song after our victory. A chill I still receive.
10. Cousin Christmas as a child. Every Christmas, all of us cousins would meet at our house and Santa would visit. A tradition I would LOVE to start up again. Hint..Hint...GS!
11. Getting my first teaching job. Brentfield Elementary. I was hired late in the year and the interview process was incredible and so overwhelming. I had a gifted principal who was written up in Texas Monthly at the time. SO cool.
12. Buying our first house, Arlington, Texas. We were so proud of our improvements. It was an older home, and we pulled up carpet to reveal the hardwoods, painted all walls, added closets, put in a double oven, a flat cook top, and I can't forget our new air conditioning unit!
13. Having my babies smile at me. Such a warmth...

There may need to be a part 2. I can think of so many more things I want to share.


jenny biz said...

So many great memories and gifts. SO sweet about your Nanny saying your prayer was beautiful. Such a defining moment in your walk. Encouragements like that along the way mean so much!

Beck Boys said...

I had chills all the way through this one. Thanks for the memories.

STP, an IronMan said...

Those smiles my me melt! Kids are the best! I personally like #1, #3 and #4 the best. That day in the rain was awesome and to know that we would be right back there just a couple of months later! I love Kathryn Paige Pearson and all the memories!

Blessed Assurances said...

Sweet memories! I miss Nanny Betty! My grandmother does too, it is really sad. What a great list.

Yep! I posted mine early b/c I had to get some things done for work today...oops. I should be working now but we know how that is going since I am here. HaHA!

Robinson Family said...

Great topic this week...I may have to borrow it in a couple of weeks! I especially loved the one about your nanny complimenting your "beautiful" prayer. Just reminds me how much impact a kind word of encouragement can make one someone. Thanks, Paige!

Krawl and Anra said...

Love the warm fuzzies! Love the mention of Betty and the best memories. We'll look forward to a sequel!

margk said...

Love the picture. You are blessed with fond memories and instrumental people in your lives. And isn't it wonderful to know that there are more to come!

Murray & Jaime said...

So fun to get read an update on you and Stacey...your kids are SO CUTE!!

The Speech Pathologist in me couldn't ignore one of your Thursday 13 from last week. First of all, stuttering can be very normal at this stage. The most important thing for you to do is act normal with regard to Parker's "new speech". Also, visit this website

It's from the Stuttering Foundation ( . The BEST RESOURCE for stuttering. There's a whole section on "I think my child is stuttering!" Hope that helps!!

Take care!

Phillips' Family said...

I remember Anne talking about you and Stacey working on that first house (how I remember that I do not know!) Such great memories and cute, cute kids!

Laura Scott said...

Hey Paige. It's Laura Bullard. I saw your post on Jaime's blog. Wanted to say hello. I love the posting on the beese!! Boys will keep you busy with all kinds of adventures (some cleaner than others). Have a good day!

Murray & Jaime said...

Paige---I should've given you a little more info so you won't worry (about Parker). A lot of kids go through a stuttering phase. It's caused by their RAPID development of language. Often their speech development can't keep up so the child begins to stutter trying to express all this new langauge. More often than not it's "just a phase" but PLEASE visit that website because they explain it WAY better than I could, I just don't want you to worry about it! It's completely normal!!