Thursday, August 10, 2006

13 things I need to do

1. I need to mop my kitchen floor. It is gross. Really gross.

2. I need to send out pictures of the kids to family who don't "computer."

3. I need to pay some bills.

4. I need to finish the laundry.

5. I need to fill out my Passport application :)

6. I need to make Parker a cover for a nap mat.

7. I need to finish MIL's birthday present.

8. I need to call MIL to wish her happy birthday. Must wait until kids wake up, they will make it more special

9. I need to wash bottles.

10. I need to watch Treasure Hunters from Monday and see who got knocked off. Maybe I will just check the internet.

11. I need to take a nap.

12. I need to iron. Sorry KF, but I actually like to iron.

13. I need to tell you who my ANGEL is : Steve Pence He received his jumper cables last night, plus dinner. Thank you Steve!

On another note, Parker started stuttering today. Just crazy. Very noticeable. Help!


Kristen said...

I have enjoyed reading through your blog and looking at the pictures of your cute kiddos! Do you mind me asking how you found my blog?

jenny biz said...

I hope you didn't do one thing on your list today:) It can all be done tomorrow. At least that is what I always say:)

Beck Boys said...

I think my list of things to do might be longer than 13. Good luck on getting it all done.

Amy C said...

That made me tired! Hope you got that nap.

margk said...

First of all, you can never finish laundry, so cross that one off. I wondered about Steve Pence, while thinking about the location and who lives near here with grandchildren. Why do you need to fill out your passport application, might I ask???

Kelli said...

I didn't actually think you'd drop off your ironing to me. I'm waiting for Angie to win the lottery because she said she'd give me $3 per garmet instead of $1.