Saturday, August 26, 2006

Women of Faith

WOF was incredible. I was remembering last year's conference, and realized I blogged about it. I FORGOT my blog birthday! I have been blogging over a year! So, Happy Birthday Parker's Mommy/Parker and Emaline's Mommy, it has been a blast.

Now, WOF. Incredible. Oh, I said that already. Friday night Sandi Patty sang and Max Lucado spoke, along with Shelia Walsh. Great night. I didn't really know Sandi Patty before, but I sure do now. Let me say, her style isn't one I could listen to often, but talk about chills!!! That lady has some pipes. One of last year's highlights was when Lisa got up and signed during an Avalon song...Lisa was there again this year and has become a regular with WOF and joins them about once a month! Lisa has downs syndrome and as it was told at the conference had heard Sandi Patty sing years ago and asked her mother if she could learn to sign. The mom said sure, so Lisa did. Then Lisa told her mom that she wanted to sign for Sandi Patty some day, and the mom said...well we will see (knowing this would probably never happen). IT DID HAPPEN, and now she uses her hands and her spirit to sign not only with Sandi Patty, but she signed many of the worship songs as well. Last year she signed Go light the World...and to this day, when I hear that song, my heart skips a beat and I can see Lisa, signing and smiling, and praising our Lord with a spirit I can't describe.
My favorite speaker is ALWAYS Patsy Clairmont. She keeps me in stitches. Marilyn also spoke to me, and so did Max. Here is a little I came away with:
I don't want to be Plutoed.
Sometimes I need to M-O-V-E.
We need to treat our bibles like cell phones.
I need to be Jesus with skin on more often.
I need to live TODAY.
Sweet Spots.
I need to take care of myself.

The last one came from Robin McGraw, Dr. Phil's wife. Although I really wasn't impressed with her speaking ability, I did like her point. Something neat did happen at the end of her speech though, she had mentioned before that Phillip wasn't there and so she was able to 'talk' freely about him. At the end of her speech during her applause, Phillip surprised her and walked to the stage. She was REALLY suprised. He said that she had walked him off the stage 734ish times, and now he was going to walk her off. He also said to watch this fall to see Robin take a larger role in the Dr.Phil show as she wants to take advantage of that platform to discuss what God is doing in their life. I may just watch Dr. Phil those days to see how it goes. Natalie Grant was also very memorable. I loved her acappella 'It is Well.' She sang it 2 years ago..and talk about chills!!! She also announced, she is pregnant with TWINS!

Women of Faith Tours around...check their website to find city near you!!!

What a fun weekend with some of my girlfriends! I look forward to this weekend all year. I am already excited about next year! I will post our picture check back.


Conway Life said...

Sounds so great. Where is it each year?

Kelli said...

It was fun! I loved Marilyn this year and Natalie Grant.

margk said...

I love that about using our Bibles like we us our cell phones. I have often thought if I took as much interest in the Bible as I do primetime TV, I would be a much better Christian.

Dr. Phil used to practice in wonderful old Wichita Falls! I enjoy his show from time to time, too.

jenny biz said...

I remember Natalie Grant's acc. of Well With My Soul from 2 years ago! BEAUTIFUL!! She is one of my favs. I can't believe she is pregnant with twins!! She is so cute! How neat of the McGraw's being there! COOL!

The Benson Bunch said...

That sounds so awesome! I have a Sandi Patty cassette tape somewhere (probably in a box in the garage)...I remember thinking she had a good personality throughout her performance. I'll have to see if there is one in our area!

Beck Boys said...

Glad you had a good time. Looking forwad to the pictures. Got the new template from your advice. It was on the same site that yours came from. Thanks for sending me in the right direction.

Robinson Family said...

Patsy Clairmont is my favorite too! She's so funny and she always has a good point. I even read her autobiography, "I Grew Up Little" (I'm not usually an autobiography reader, but hers was hillarious, of course)