Sunday, August 06, 2006

Fort Worth Cats and a little Paris

This weekend we got to go to Paris for a cousin wedding. Not that my cousins married each other, but one of my cousins got married. It was a beautiful wedding. I took my camera to Paris, but I thought I had left my card thing at home, so I didn't get any pictures in Paris. Yuck. One of my kodak moments was when Uncle Wyatt was reading to Parker, a great memory I will always have. Parker isn't around Uncle Wyatt too often because he lives in Paris, so he often acts real shy around him. It was pretty neat to see him sitting close to my brother as they read. We drove home today stopping in Anna to check in on Uncle Ed, Stacey's uncle who has been in ICU this week and had a pace maker put in on Friday. He is doing great and it was good to see cousins. Tonight a group of friends went to a Fort Worth Cats game. SO MUCH FUN. I am not a baseball fan, and don't worry, my husband knows this about me, but what a great time we had, even if my son spilled 3/4's of his Sprite into my diaper bag. It is currently in the wash. THe kids had plenty of room to run around, and the tickets were only $4 a piece. A special thanks to KP who brought the light up necklaces for the kids, they were a huge hit! We left in the 5th inning I think. I don't even know. Is that bad? It was Emaline's first baseball game, and she loved the music and clapping.
I like this picture because it holds some history. Houston and Parker were talking and playing together and their daddy's used to play ball together from a very young age, around 8 years old. They didn't really play together, but against each other. Don't they look like they are in deep conversation?
My little one also decided to cut another tooth. If you are counting..that is now 4! Posted by Picasa


Amy C said...

It was the perfect night for a game in August! Great fun. Love the photos.

Robinson Family said...

Sounds like Emaline would kick Norah's tail in an apple bobbing contest...she still doesn't have a single tooth! (Not that I'm complaining...less complicated for nursing without them, I guess)

Cute pics!


jenny biz said...

What a sweet pic of Emaline!! Hope you got the sticky Sprite out of the diaper bag!!

margk said...

It was fun describing to MIL today that no one saw the game between colic, bumps and scrapes, spills and food runs. Hey, its the effort that counts, right? Patrick had a great time, anyways! He was all excited to tell her about the big furry Wildcat mascot, the light up necklaces and the pitch game.