Monday, September 04, 2006


I have great pictures to post from the weekend, but I am so upset about Steve Erwin!!! What a freak accident. Like, 3 people EVER have been killed by a sting ray! I love to watch his shows, and so does Parker. I also immediately thought about his family. He has 2 young kids. Why has this made such an impression on me? It isn't like it really effects isn't like I wrestle crocodiles or race after venomous snakes, but it feels like we were friends or something...crazy.


Amy C said...

We are very upset at our house too. It is surreal to think of someone that full of passion for life to no longer be living and it sounds like he was such a great family man. I feel for his family too. So sad!

jenny biz said...

I called my bro first thing this morning when I heard! He was a HUGE fan. I too feel sad for his fam. What a horrid thing to have happen:(