Sunday, January 17, 2010


You can read about her birth story here and here. I slept with her night before last, remembering my last night to carry her in my belly. I thought about the heart burn. I thought about the kicks. I thought about the LABOR! I truly was in labor with Emaline and had the rushing to the hospital experience. She had her own timing...and so is true about her personality.

Emaline is a sweet girl, with lots of personality and opinion. She loves Hello Kitty, Strawberry Shortcake, Suzy, her American Girl, and Scooby Doo. She LOVES to watch movies and her cartoons. She also loves to help me cook, which I love and has taught me much about myself, like I like control. It helps the two of us grow together. Emaline can swing her moods almost as quick as I can! One minute we have the battle of the wills, the next she is cleaning her brother's blood off the floor without being asked because she knows she is being helpful. One minute she can help me fold towels, the next she is refusing to put up her own socks. She loves puzzles. She loves games. She dislikes being cold (also like her momma). She loves maccaroni and cheese and any type of candy. She likes to wear her hair the same every day, but I throw in some assortments. Emaline loves her brothers. She loves to play imaginary roles with Parker, and loves to boss Bowden, in a loving way.

Emaline celebrated her birthday at preschool, where the two of us made strawberry cupcakes with pink sprinkles and Strawberry Shortcake picks, then on Thursday night she had her dream party: Mommy, all I want is a Strawberry Shortcake jumphouse party! I have heard that for weeks months now! So, we invited some friends, new and old to her party. Today, her actual day, the birthday fairy went and got donuts, we went to church, went to Vinny's (her choice) for fetticini alverado, played outside in this beautiful weather, then to Pizza Hut for dinner with our small group. It has been a great day.

Honestly, and pure here, Emaline is strong willed. Emaline can almost bring me to tears, or to a scream in seconds. Some say it is because we are so alike, maybe so. Regardless, she is one I pray for more often, if that is okay to say ( please hear my heart, I am not showing favorites, just the need for help and discipline for the two of us). She wears me down. I practice my patience, I reflect. Spanking does not phase this sweet girl, it can be a temporary solution, but for her, taking things away makes the most impact. SO, if you hear me say 'and that will go into the attic' I am talking about putting her most beloved toys or clothing. One time it was her belts. She cried and cried. Her pants also went into the attic last summer when she refused to wear shorts. Not sure it is appropriate to talk discipline on her birthday post, but when thinking back on recording such things, I think she and I will look back on this and laugh...I hope.

I love you sweet girl, Sweet E!


Clay & Maurine said...

I don't comment very often, but that was a sweet post. You are a wonderful mother to your kids and reality is, that includes discipline! In fact, my little strong-willed one is sitting on a rug thinking about how she acted as we speak. :) Keep up the great work. I think the end result will be well worth it!

Molly Woodall said...

Paige...that was the sweetest post! You have me in tears, as I write this. The best part is that you were honest! (And you know that she WILL look back and laugh ... it'll be a while! haha!)
God bless you my sweet friend ... you are an AWESOME Mom and wife.
Love you 5!

amerriman said...

I love sweet E. Can't wait to be closer to get to see you more!

margk said...

Great post. You are a sweet and awesome mommy. Nicholas and Emaline were "cut from the same cloth" as my mom would say...