Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pioneer Woman

I have a new
I stayed up VERY late 2 nights in a row reading her HIGH HEELS to TRACTOR WHEELS story. She is a very talented writer, photographer, and cook! I recently received her cookbook and am working my way through it, and I also grab many recipes off of her website. The above photo is one of my new favorites, along with the tres leche cake, the chicken strips, and the meatballs. OH, and her cinnamon rolls! Emaline and I made 14 pans during the holidays. I didn't eat them all, but sure could have. I have never made onion rings or strings before, but now I have. AND look how many 1 onion makes! They were amazing and easy! I truly think you should check her out if you haven't already!


A Fancher said...

I read the whole story the other day, too. I loved it! She is adding more to it (I think) It's a great site.

Phillips Family said...

I have read part of the is so great! I love the PW...but seriously question how she manages her website by herself. The lady must never sleep!

Where is the chicken tender recipe? I must find it!

So far, I have made the pico, the pancakes, the eggs in a cup (can't remember the actual name), the brisket, and the beans from her cookbook. All very yummy!

jb said...

The onion rings look yummy! I just got her cookbook before Christmas and Sunday nights is our PW night! So far we've had the Braised Short Ribs, MM Favorite Sandwich and Spicy Chicken Drumsticks (not sure the real name). SO yummy!!! Keep posting so I can know what else to cook. :)