Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Emaline!

My sweet girl turned 4, like I mentioned in the last blog. We celebrated a bit early with a preschool party, and a jump house gathering. I took Stacey's camera to preschool with me and grabbed some photos there...

Emaline, from the beginning of the planning process wanted a Strawberry Shortcake jump house party. Now, I did find a Strawberry Shortcake jump HOUSE, but when thinking of the age difference of who would be attending, we splurged and went to a jump house location. I couldn't stand the thought of an 11 year old and my 19 month old in the same jump house.
The beautiful cake! I also used this cake lady for Bowden's cake!

Now, why is the lighting in the these jump house places so crazy!? I did my best chasing HIGH STRUNG children through bounce houses, changing settings on my camera, and then finally I put my camera down, and started jumping myself!

Jim (FIL) got in on the fun!
Lauren and Isaiah. He LOVED the jump houses. And so did she!

Check out her duds! My friend created this little outfit! Emaline truly felt like a princess in it. Every day leading up to her birthday she begged to wear it, who would blame her.

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