Monday, February 01, 2010

Fort Worth Stock Show Parade

Well, this first photo isn't one from the stockshow parade, but found it in the same album and wanted to share. BOWDEN does this all the time now, he helps himself to snacks. Drives me crazy. I will need some child proofing!

Off to the parade. This is our second time to venture to the parade and we love it. We love seeing all the horses and the cowboys and the little cowboys. SO FUN!

We got there early and staked out a place on the route. We were actually in the street, but it had been closed due to the parade. Some crazy people had gotten there really early so this is where we sat. We did think ahead and brought the kids chairs and plenty of snacks and drinks, but forgot a heavier jacket for Emaline and a BLANKET! It was sooooo cold!
This is us waiting for the parade to start. Another family had joined close to us, see the 2 kids beside mine, it started out real nice. Then turned bad when more of their family joined them.

Emaline and Bowden waving to the cowboys and cowgirls as they came by. Notice the cramped quarters now? It only gets worse.This flag symbolizes the wind we were feeling on our face.
See this large man in the leather jacket? Between him and the HUGE family that is now pushing us out of view of the parade I was beginning to become unfestive.
Emaline happy at the beginning of the parade.

Emaline wanting to go home because she was a. cold and b. had not a view other than jeans and cowboy boots. See the boots all around B's stroller? I asked Stacey once if it would be okay for me to ask a few of those girls to step back because they were COMPLETELY standing right in front of his stroller. Remember, we were there first and early, and had chairs. This family didn't really seem to care who was where when. So Stacey kind of looked at me funny, as if to say that I needed to keep my mouth shut, these kids weren't my students or family so I needed to be quiet when the lady to my left said: IF YOU DON'T I AM! How sweet! She had noticed that I had control of my children asking them to move back even if they couldn't see because the family next to us almost had an entry number if they had moved any closer to the parade. The stranger had noticed they were walking all over B and he couldn't see and was beginning to get very frustrated. In fact, at one point he started kicking one of the girls because they pressed right up against his stroller and she turned and gave me a dirty look. Really? I was cold, and don't mess with my kids! You hear me girl!? I politely leaned forward, tapped the young girl on the arm and asked her to please move over. Grandma saw the commotion and pretending to get on to them, when I could SOOOO tell it was just for show, this is what she meant: Hey, stand where you want, but not in front of the baby until you can't see through the man in the huge leather jacket without kids who keeps jumping over the kids to get a great shot of a horse, or 2 horses, or of a hundred horses, just don't let the strange lady touch you again so please stand further in front of the stroller out of reach.

After we saw a guy dressed as a girl, wearing girl clothes, wearing lots of makeup, who was part of a high school band in the capacity of a high kicker/baton person, we left. We called it a day. It was disturbing! And yes, we KNOW It was a guy.


Molly Woodall said...

OH GIRL....Don't ever mess with Mama Bear and her cubs! I just do NOT understand "adults" that act as though they've never seen a parade! It's for the kids! SERIOUSLY!
I'll jump off my soap box now! haha!
Love to you 5!

amerriman said...

How frustrating!

Miss G said...

happy birthday!!! Hope you're having a very good one! Kelly