Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Bowden's birthday party

Happy first birthday Bowden! We celebrated sweet B's birthday last Sunday at MIL's house!

Lauren and Lindsay


MIL created this little arrangement with the invitation.

The table, but as I look at it, this picture was taken before I finished.
Stacey doing some grilling.
Jim (FIL) was gracious to share his birthday with Bowden's birthday party.

These cups were a hit! I made some lemonade and the kids just kept refilling at the spout! I wrote their names on them and probably saved a ton in juice boxes!

I love this photo. I took the cake away, and he relaxed!Then GOT REAL MAD, but not for long!
We had a pinata! The kids LOVED it! Bowden and Isaiah were some of the most excited!

Bowden would cheer and encourage everyone! I LOVE HIS FACE here!

Isaiah loved it!

Once the candy came out, Isaiah would bring candy piece by piece to nana.

Isaiah didn't want to leave the party!
The best kisser in the world puckering up!

More kisses!

I had to include the next 2 photos because this is what I am dealing with. Bowden loves to crawl with things in his hands, all over the house. He especially likes the WII controllers. I found this one in his fisher price hippo thing.And the above photo. Feel his pain, or mine! He crawls into everything! E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G! He even tried to crawl into a large gift bag today! He crawls into the dishwasher, the dryer, a basket, between chair lets, toys, and BARNS! I know I was a bad mom when I left him and went to get my camera, but COME ON! I had to document this!


Kelly said...

What a cutie, and what a fun party!

Robyn said...

What a fun, wild party! I got so tickled at his "stuck" picture--what a dangerous thing is a one-year-old boy!

Three Two Hold One Lost said...

Paige, I so wish we could have been at B's fabulous party! He is a sweet gift himself. I love all the pictures...especially the ones with you! YOU look great and I am so proud of how you have handled the trials of this past year...B is one and you are one year stronger in wisdom, grace, and faithfulness. Such an example to me. Love you, Angela

Miss G said...

What a FUN looking party! You and Stacey look great! Kelly

margk said...

I love the one with him looking at his cake like he has a secret no one else knows! Looks like a great 1st b-day party!

Michelle said...