Friday, December 05, 2008

Thank you

husband who sent me shopping tonight WITHOUT kids! It was so much fun. To be brain dead. In a dressing room by myself. BY MYSELF! While in the dressing room I over heard a mom and daughter a few stalls down. WONDERFUL mom telling her daughter that there isn't any way she was going to wear those pants, that her dad wouldn't approve, and she didn't approve they were too tight and not a good idea. That mom stood her ground about the different fads and trends that her tweener daughter wanted to wear. I fastforwarded (?) many years from now putting me there, discussing what would be appropriate with Emaline. YIKES! I wondered what the new trends would be. If things are so skimpy now, what would it be like in many years! CRAZY!

I shopped some in Kohl's, which reminded me of one of the last times I shopped there. I don't think I blogged about it, so I had to share it now. It was me, Bowden, and Emaline on a Saturday while Stacey had taken Parker to the ranch, I think. Emaline was a great shopper, Bowden was pretty good. They played in the dressing room together and had a great time while I couldn't make up my mind on which shirt I should buy. After the dressing room fun, I went to look for accessories. And more accessories. It was more than Emaline could handle. She loved all of the sparkly things! I told her we were done, and to the check out we went, and that is when I spotted the Vera Wang jewelry. I stopped to try something on, and walked over with the stroller to the cosmetics mirror to look. Emaline is on the sit and stand stroller. She thought she would pick out a new lipstick color for me. I asked her to put it back, and that is when it happened. The plastic shield fell off the shelf that holds all of the lipsticks in their place with the springy things that push them forward LAUNCHING hundreds of lipsticks all over the place! Into our stroller, over our feet, EVERYWHERE! Emaline just stared at me. I didn't know what to say. I quickly squatted down to pick them up when a lady appeared above me asking me if I was busy next week. I asked her twice to repeat herself while I was attempting to put each shade in its well labeled place. The lady then tried to convince me to come back the next week for a makeover. REALLY! I asked her if she worked there, she said yes, and that is when the 20 or so lipsticks that I had carefully placed into the shelf came pelting me when I REMOVED the protective plastic shield by accident. Emaline stared at me, not knowing what to do. FINALLY the lady volunteered to clean up our mess. I apologized quickly and left without a Vera Wang necklace. Such FUN!

Have a great weekend. By the way, it has been 1 year since my wreck. I think about it almost every day. Parker brings it up every now and then. It is crazy to think so much time has past.


1literatimommy said...

That is hilarious about the lipsticks. And, it must have been so peaceful to shop by yourself. What a great gift!

margk said...

That is funny about the lipsticks...probably not so much at the time though.

What a nice hubby you have! How fun!

Molly Woodall said...

HAHAHAHHAHAH.....oh my stars, that is PRICELESS! I'm so glad that you Mommy's have blogger to keep all these sweet memories! And...thank you for sharing them with all of us!

Miss G said...

You do have SUCH a great husband! Kind of like mine. :)

That lipstick story is HILARIOUS!!!

Everytime I hear a mom and daughter talking in the dressing room at Target it makes me miss the days of living in the same town as my mom and shopping at Target with her.