Monday, December 15, 2008

goodness it is cold!

Yes it is! COLD! A great day to have different doctor appointments for 2 different kids. My aunt Paula came through for us, allowing me to only take one kid at a time!

First, we had Bowden's GI appointment this morning. We really liked the doctor. We had to drive to Plano for the appointment, luckily Stacey went with us to this one. The doctor walked in and Bowden did his thing...rattling, coughing, hiccupping...the whole 9 almost on cue for the doctor. He told us it was definitely reflux that we were dealing with. He told us that are probably on our way out of it since we have started solid foods with B. We also are starting a prescription to help with the reflux. He also ordered an upper GI xray with the berium bottle...Bowden did great! We just walked right down the stairs and into the xray. Perfect. The radiologist said everything looked good as far as the plumbing goes, and that is why the dr. ordered the test anyway. So, good news.

Saturday Emaline started with this horrible cough. I mean horrible. Then Sunday morning, FEVER! I mean a fierce one. The highest I recorded was 102.7 and that was late last night. Luckily an old friend on was on facebook last night and talked me through if I needed to take her to an ER or not. Thanks nurse Deon. She wanted to sleep with us last night, and boy she was a furnace! This morning she had a rash and fever so I made an appointment for this afternoon. They did a strep test and flu test on her, and the strep came back positive. I didn't know that a rash could be a symptom of strep. Now I know. I just hope that B doesn't get it. I even had the doctor give her a strong warning. I think Emaline listened to her. HOPEFULLY, Parker is in the clear as well.

Last Friday we went to Casa Manana for the Rudolph show. It really was cute. I bough MIL a ticket last time we went to Sleeping Beauty, but for some reason, I was feeling brave and didn't buy an extra ticket. We went in, and everything was going great. Then, Bowden got hungry. I tried a bottle, and that did NOT work. He spit it everywhere in refusal. THanks. SO, what is a mommy to do? Yep, I broke a personal rule! The one about breastfeeding in public! I am getting much better about this, I guess you have to with 3 kids. It isn't like you can isolate yourself when you are responsible for 2 others. Anyhoo. Took care of that when the lights were down. THEN, just as the reindeer were performing the reindeer games, a SCREAM came from my left. I glanced over to see Parker in total distress! I moved over a chair and began to help a friend we were there with pull him from the chairs. His leg had falled down between the seats and was STUCK! I quickly passed the babe off to a lady I DID NOT KNOW behind me to help pull on Parker who at this point is a TOTAL distraction. Kids around us were asking, "what is going on" "what happened to that boy", you know embarrassing stuff like that. Angela had to remove his shoe to get his leg out and it even scratched his leg being released. Poor guy. SO, sorry reindeer that we interrupted your reindeer games, and if I offended anyone at Casa. A girl has to do what a girl as to do. You guys stay warm! I am off to cook something for dinner, and wash my hands!


Kelly said...

Great news about Bowden and great Rudolph story! :)

1literatimommy said...

sorry about emaline's strep throat. but, i am glad you got good news on bowden.

Susan @ Blessed Assurances said...

never a dull moment in your house, is there?

Phillips Family said...

Isn't it funny how one would never pass off their first born child to even a distant relative but by the third kid you are extremely grateful for kind strangers?

Hope Emaline gets better soon!

amerriman said...

Hope E is better!

Robyn said...

Oh, how I felt your pain about the reindeer and chair ordeal. Wouldn't six arms be so wonderful sometimes? And don't you love those moments when you turn to total strangers for help? I love keeping up with y'all. Y'all have a merry, merry Christmas!